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Release Reading of
a chaos of angels
edited by Lois P. Jones and Alice Pero

Monday, September 11th, 2006

"There Is No Gene For The Human Spirit."

A clever tag from the 1992 film Gattica is a statement which each of us knows inherently to be true. If you’ve read the startling portrayal of a utopian society gone wrong in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932), you are acquainted with Huxley’s prophetic predictions of a world addicted to chemically driven happiness.

In a culture where biochemistry has become its own religion, spirituality is being replaced by serotonin manipulation. We hope these poems will help raise awareness about the true nature of man and the importance of the spirit as a source of healing.

--the editors


Jane Alynn
Miriam Axel-Lute's
Grace Beeler
Gary Blankenship
Dean Blehert
Pam Blehert
Zan Bockes
Jamie Breggin Braverman
E.V. Brooks
Dr. David Breeden
Jonathan Campbell
r. g. cantalupo
Esteban Ceniceros
Jeanette Clough
Jim Doss
Alan Douglas
Renee Duke
Carole Tobias Eddington
Lane Eddington
Su Falcon
Elizabeth Farrell

Brian Fowler
Laura Freedgood
Mark Giffin
Maggy Graham
Judy Gruenfeld
TomM Hall
Gary Hanna
Bob Hart
Jan Houston
Larry Jaffe
Jana Jakešová
Lois P. Jones
Daveda Lamont
Steve Langley
Emit Levart
Michael Levy
Lyn Lifshin
Tom Lombardo
Peter Ludwin
Eileen Malone
Matthew Manning
Jonathan Everett Maseng

Jeré Matlock
Stazja McFadyen
Stephen Mead
Angela M. Mendez
Corey Mesler
Karen D. Mitchell
Alice Pero
Annie Reiner
Will Roby
Lisa Rosen
Bobbi Rudin
Russell Salamon
Judith Searle
Thom Severtson
Bruce Silton
Leslie Silton
Rick Smith
Amanda Crowell Stiebel
David Tidman
Alison Townsend
KC Wilder
Steven Zuckerman

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