Alice Pero's poetry has been published or is forthcoming in many magazines and anthologies including 13th Moon, The Alembic, North Dakota Quarterly, The Distillery, Fox Cry Review, The Griffin, G.W. Review, Main Street Rag, Oregon East, The Pikeville Review, Zavier Review, Studio One, Three Mile Harbor, Salonika, San Gabriel Quarterly, Soundings East, Sulphur River Literary Review, Word Thursday, Très diverse-city, Albatross, Lummox, Bayou, Carquinez Poetry Review, California Quarterly and Sanskrit. She has won two poetry prizes from the National League of American Pen Women and an award from the California Poetry Society. Her book of poetry, Thawed Stars was praised by Kenneth Koch as having “clarity and surprises.” Pero is a teacher of poetry to grade school children and she has developed a unique curriculum that utilizes her experience with music. An accomplished flutist and former dancer, she is also the founder of Moonday, the distinguished reading occurring monthly at Village Books in Pacific Palisades.

“The romance of discovery, the radiant brilliance, the surprise and laughter are all here in Alice Pero’s deeply intelligent insights into the edge of things.” ~The Book Reader


If you are standing up while reading this,
the poem will begin anyway
If you are sitting down, it will begin too

Do my thoughts clink down in your cup,
borrowed coins,
Are you begging?

I am itching in all sorts of places,
(most of them invisible)
to hear the light jingling of fast words dancing,
but first I want to hear your thought

Infinitesimal wavelength traveling without cash
donated to good will
undivided by continents
dreaded by distance-makers
a dollop of dream that will push us
into another dialogue


They say that soon
the sun will be swept
into the sea
The moon will visit me
and tell me
how to rescue

But I know these are only rumors

The sea keeps secrets in violent waves
and leaves me wondering

The sun burns alone
in scorching silence

And only I live to dream

from Thawed Stars


Walking past the green square lawns
I find a perfect carpet
each blade upright and separate
not a spot of brown, even in early spring
the border cut to a geometric edge
like a gentleman caller
in a starched shirt giving a green lesson
in etiquette
It has the proper formula
and is following prescribed rules
I am always careful when I walk by
and always pass silently and respectfully.

But it is a relief
two houses down to find
that scraggly patch, crabby and spotted
with clover and dandelion
and that small leafed weed with tiny purple
flowers that look like violets
scattered and wild
cheerful noisy guests
I could talk with for hours.

from Thawed Stars

Alice Pero Moonday poetry reading

© 2007 Alice Pero

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