Annie Reiner is a multifaceted artist – poet, painter, singer, playwright and writer – as well as a  psychoanalyst in private practice in Beverly Hills. She has written four books of poems, a book of short stories, and is the author/illustrator of four children’s books. She has won awards for her poetry and short stories, and one of her children’s stories won the Parent’s Choice Award for Best Audio of 1996. Annie’s two new children’s books, Penelope’s Pearls and I Am Lilly! will be published in November, 2014.

Reiner’s psychoanalytic writings have been published in many psychoanalytic journals and anthologies and her second psychoanalytic book, Bion & Being: Passion and the Creative Mind, was published by Karnac Books in 2012.

Annie is also a singer with two CD’s of eclectic mixes of songs, from Leonard Cohen to classic blues and jazz tunes. Her new CD, “Blues And Other Hues,” to be released in 2015, will include a song she wrote with Charlie Harrison. This and many of her other words are available through her websites – and  



My Library

I touch my books. 
Sometimes I hug them
and take them in my bed. 
I never read them
for I’ve read them already,
I may even have written them
for there is only one story
and we are all writing it.
Or maybe like a poem,
it just happens.

from Beyond Rhyme & Reason (2002)


Meetings in Unknown Places

There are places deep within my soul
that I have never seen,
till two lands of Never meet
and I am in between.
How can I find the one I am,
whom I have never met,
I’ve found her before yet she remains unknown
for when her mysteries have grown
she leaves me again,
But I don’t mind
for everything known has used up its time
and should be allowed to die.


The Moving Sidewalk

The young boy was an old man one day.
He had fallen asleep on a moving sidewalk
with his feet racing toward the end of the conveyor
like the red shift of disappearing stars.
His blond hair had thinned to white,
his smooth skin had wizened
but he had not, despite his best guess,
for he would find today
one sweet milk chocolate-covered treat
in the pocket of an old tweed jacket
still hanging in his father’s mind.

from Presents of Mind (2008)


Annie Reiner

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