"Ants on the Sidewalk," a video montage featuring the haiku, senryu, and haibun of Naia, Deborah P. Kolodji, and Gregory Longenecker, was produced by Alan Pizzarelli and Donna Beaver for their podcast, “The Haiku Chronicles.”   These urban-themed poems are accompanied by photographs, video clips, and jazz music.

Naia, Deborah, and Gregory will be present at Moonday for this special showcase of their work.


A fifth generation native Californian, Naia attended college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Her poetry and haiga have appeared in books, anthologies, e-journals, newsletters, and magazines in the U.S. and internationally. Naia belongs to a number of haiku and tanka poetry associations and is a founding member of Haiku San Diego. She edited two regional haiku anthologies and an HSA anthology, co-hosted two HSA regional meetings, and co-chaired HNA 2013.

evening lecture
the student in the mini skirt
uncrosses her legs

heavy frost
I lean deeper
into him

black umbrella
sometimes I just want to be

- Naia


Deborah P Kolodji is the moderator of the Southern California Haiku Study Group and the former president of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.  A graduate of USC, she can be found walking the beaches and botanical gardens of Southern California looking for poetic inspiration.   She has published over 800 poems in numerous journals, webzines, and she co-chaired Haiku North America on the Queen Mary with Naia in 2013.

moon sliver
my neighbor’s dog
howls anyway

cough syrup
the after taste
of our argument

echoes of polkas
a row of empty
accordion cases

   - Deborah P Kolodji


Currently the editor of the Southern California Haiku Study Group’s Annual Anthology, Gregory Longenecker has had poetry published in Acorn, Atlas Poetica, bottle rockets, Frog Pond, Mariposa, Modern Haiku, red lights, tiny words and the online World Haiku Review. A prize winner in the 2012 Tokutomi Haiku Contest and in the online Shiki Monthly Kukai, he has been a contributor to several anthologies, including those of the Haiku Society of America, Haiku Pacific Rim, Yuki Teikei Haiku Society and Alternate Lanes: Anthology of PoeticDiversity, ed. by Marie Lecrevian. 

in the school yard
by the sandbox—
first crocus

Starbucks, again
—hoping for a handout
winter sparrow

a month
of marriage—
first frost

   Gregory Longenecker


Ants of the Sidewalk



2014 Ants on the Sidewalk


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