Billie Dee grew up surrounded by the once vast orange groves of Southern California. She spent her childhood summers in the wilderness of Montana, an experience which deeply colored her aesthetic vision and self perception as an "epi- suburban" writer. Billie earned her B.A. degree from San Diego State University and doctorate from the University of California at Irvine. She served as Poet Laureate for the Library of Congress, National Library Service 2000-2001. Website:

Billie Dee is also a prolific haiku/sci-fi-ku poet, who publishes the following blogs: and

How I Wish to Live

As if I stood in the long blond wild oats
of an twilight field, mesmerized by crickets;

as if by pounding a great drum in the forest
late at night, I held the stars in orbit;

as if at dawn I gathered bright dew
and fed the last sequoia; as though by afternoon

my shallow curve of life stretched
to form the perfect arc -- echoed

of the passage of the moon.

Ouija Board, 2006

Grass Valley

My old blind setter is frozen
on point, ears cocked,
nose twitching with reverie
of bird scent, fallow field sun bleached

in October, blond grasses nodding
yes, yes and bless you
one more season friend,
hidden bevy, amber light.

Blazing Moon, 2006


We were young then, brash
and strong: we rode the curve of the earth

-- proud bellies, big breasts:
the knobs of our spines threw sparks

and the shadows we cast across the land
dogs mistook for storms.

Each morning we unleashed our hair: long
feral locks that flew in the solar wind.

The bellows of our chests would stir
the tops of monstrous trees

and song birds sheltered
in the thickets of our thighs.

We were brave then --goddesses:
foolish with our love.

Sinister Wisdom, 2007


I wake up
from my motel nap,
step outside. In this heat

the sky is close enough
to touch -- spreading out
to Mexico, New Mexico, clear

to southern Utah--innocent
as turquoise. The red rock
hoodoos match the sunburn

on my driver’s-side arm.
After sundown I’ll eat blue
corn tortillas

and fried squash blossoms.
Back in Los Angeles the ochre sky
churns and fades to gray.

Billie Dee Moonday poetry reading

© 2008 Billie Dee

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