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Charlotte O'Brien holds a B.A. in Creative Art with a double major in
Creative Writing & Fine Art. She won the Australian Dorothy Crawford
Memorial Scholarship for Creative Writing. She is the host
of "Woman's Word" for Feminist Magazine on KPFK and a performance
member and staff writer for LitRave. Charlotte is currently studying
in the Master Poetry Class at USC under the instruction of Dr. James
Ragan. She is currently an associate editor for The Californian Poetry
review. Charlotte has recently won a scholarship to study poetry at Charles
University in Prague. She has two chapbooks,"Bedroom, Kitchen, Beach"
and "Miscellaneous Love Poems. Her upcoming performances include the Los
Angeles Festival of books with Litrave April 26th and the Poetry Master
Class showcase at USC April 28th. For more information on Charlotte go to


Bar at the Folies-Bergere

In a casino bar you stand suspended, indolent.
Behind you crowds gather and embrace
their own reflection. You hang in the moment
Your back seems busier than your face
of sullied truth, waiting for the next order.
Outfit clutches your waist. At your breast
feathers flounce the border.
What gaze will challenge the blush of lace
that frames your naked flesh?
Who will loosen the choke at your throat?
Who will unclench each tawdry clasp
from its bodice of cheap velvet?
What man is it for whom you dress
will not brave his own reflection

© copyright 2003 Charlotte O'Brien

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