Connie Walle, residing in Tacoma, Washington, is President and founder of Puget Sound Poetry Connection where she hosts the “Distinguished Writer Series” now in its 23rd year. Connie also founded Our Own Words, a teen writing contest.  Her awards include: 1998 Margaret K Williams Award in support of the arts; Washington Poets Association Faith Beamer Cooks Award. She is a mother of three, grandmother of seven and currently retired. A few of her publications include Floating Bridge Press, Raven Chronicle, Tahoma’s Shadow, and Cradle Song.


Real Men Ask for Directions  

Is it so difficult
to step out of the crowd
to see the sun set

to crack the shell
peek over the edge

to move the breastplate
to reveal the heart

you fluff your feathers
strut about, crowing directions

the moon ignores your foolishness
stays up to meet the morning sun

published in Raven Chronicle


57 Chevy            

He torques, wipes
oils, polishes
washes and dries.

He circles her
three times
touches her lovingly.

Carefully backs
her down the

The letter comes.
A country he has
never heard of before
needs his undivided

It’s been a long time,
but without tears
Mama sold
the Chevy today.

published in Raven Chronicle, Talus and Scree

Love Letters

Hot blooded Indian boy
you wrote passionate letters
filled with scenes of love-making
which in my naiveté I did not grasp,

but Mama did
when she found your letter
tucked away in my dresser
with the prison return address.

Forbidden to write to you again,
even to explain why no answer,
I didn’t understand, but your memory
hung over my shoulder like a shadow.

Full moon face, olive skin
shiny black hair slicked back
muscles bulging under a while T-shirt
Eat your heart out Marlon Brando.

I’ve since forgotten the church retreat
where we met and exchanged addresses,
but your flashing eyes and warm smile
remain with the letters bundled and tied
in the bottom of my cedar chest.


Connie Walle



2012 Connie Walle

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