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Larry Jaffe

Larry Jaffe is the International Readings Coordinator for the United Nations Dialogue among Civilizations through Poetry program, co- founder of Poets for Peace/United Poets Coalition and is the Poet-in-Residence/Director of Writer s Voice for the Los Angeles Downtown YMCA.  Jaffe is the Editor of Poetix the online poetry magazine for southern California and writes a column for Museletter.  He is the resident Poet/Host at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage and producer of the Buddha Jam Poetry Series at the Elixir. Jaffe has two new books coming out in the coming year, Lummox Press is about to publish his book of poetic noir L. A. Rhapsody and Salmon Publishing in Ireland will be publishing his forthcoming book Lying Half-Naked in the Doorway

POEM   :

We All Want to Be Heroes

At Rockaway Beach, I am four, pedaling

my little red fire engine

as fast as my imagination

 rescuing residents,

petrified faces

framed in open windows&

At Rockaway Beach, I parade

down the boardwalk, breathe salt air

the city gives me its keys

and today the sun is so distinct

I can see each ray

I am 54 and still smell ocean air.

 © 2003 Lawrence Jaffe


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