Mira N. Mataric, Ph.D, has been continuously published for 60 years: 31 books of poetry, short stories, novels, essays and reviews, including 5 books of translations. She has received more than 20 international awards, including 4 USA Presidential medals. She was a librarian for 14 years at in the National Library of Serbia, Belgrade. In the USA, she has edited a literary magazine for and chaired a non-profit organization, Women in the Arts, while teaching  English, Russian, Comparative Literature, Special Education and presently Creative Writing, continuously, as well as actively participating in public poetry readings in the USA and Europe..

First Love
It is not crimson red
but light pink and blue
like Picasso' s early paintings.
It smells like snow
and early violets
and tastes like insecure hope
making you feel like
singing in the shower.


Mature Love
Although not passionately red
it is reassuringly warm
like the autumn sun.
It smells of verbena
and tastes like
the soothing herbal tea
making you feel like
a tired river
finally reaching the sea.


Late Love
Like a cat
soft twilight
love crept into me
your knife
thrust into the flesh
of my existence


What is Love?
Love is a frightened
shivering bird.
Open your heart.
Love is a delicate light,
a candle in the night
a shrine of hope,
a slow, sprouting seed.
Love is a thorn in the heart.

Credits:  “First Love” was published in the Anthology “Teen Years“ by Palabra Productions, Spring 2005, “Poetry People”, a directory of the Southern California Poets, 2007;  “Bear Springs; CUB”, May 2009. also in the book “Seasons of Love,” Zora, 2004  and in its Serbian translation in the book “Doba ljubavi” Zora, 2004

“Mature Love” was published in the Anthology “From Silver Fountains”, International Library of Poetry, 2000 and “Poetry People”, a directory of the Southern California Poets, 2007;  “Poetry and Cookies” Anthology of Altadenian and Pasadenian Poets, 2005,  and the books “Seasons of Love”, 2004 and its Serbian translation “Doba ljubavi”, 2004.
Mira N. Mataric ~ featured Poet at Moonday Poetry - West

© 2011 Mira N. Mataric

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