Radomir Vojtech Luza was born in Vienna, Austria in 1963 to Radomir and Libuse Luza, who escaped Communism in their beloved Czechoslovakia in 1948 to settle in New Orleans. Before escaping, Radomir Sr. had fought in the Czech Underground in WW II alongside his father, General Vojtech Luza, General of the Czech Army and Leader of the Resistance Radomir’s father taught at The University of New Orleans and then Tulane University. Radomir graduated from Jesuit High School in NO and received a BA in English from Tulane University in 1985. He has had his poetry published in such literary journals as The Aurorean, Sahara, Nerve Cowboy, Spare Change, Bent Pin Quarterly, Seldom Nocturne, New Laurel Review, Poetry Motel, Writers of the Desert Sage, Poet, Anthology, Eintouist, Sage Trail, Phantom Seed, San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Skysage (Hon. Mention) and Readers Digest (Hon. Mention) among others. The Boston Globe published one of his poems as have many anthologies, collections and websites.   Radomir has won many Poetry and Writing Awards and is the Publisher of “Voices in the Library” and “California East” Literary Magazines. He is a member of Marquis Who’s Who in America (2003-Present) and Who’s Who in The World (2005-Present). He is also a member of The American Academy of Poets and The Poetry Society of America.  He has written 21 books, of which 17 are Poetry Collections. He has hosted and organized numerous Readings in New York City, Northern NJ and Los Angeles and featured 60 plus times at poetry readings across the country.

pink shoes
you know who you are. wanting black skies because they land on your head as softly as a butterfly. but what if i like red skies. do you win. do you tell me to look for butterflies.

and what if i want to wear only pink shoes and you hate them. do you burn them forbid me to ever wear them again and threaten to fire me because you are the man and you pay my salary. i have my self respect but no paycheck. so i turn to god and ask him what to do. follow my gut and instinct he tells me as scary as it might be as much of a prisoner in my own cage as i might be.

whatever i do he laughs make it a pink cage.  


on the river bank

 i stand on the river bank and look at the midnight sky in its apple pie yumminess and diamond ring expensiveness and laugh.

 at last i am at peace at home at slumber. the black licoriceness surrounds me like water in a swimming pool and once more i ask myself why all this show business when i could be writing.

i ask the stars to guide me to daniel boone me through the forests and plains like a cherry pie red trial blazing fool.

i stand on the river bank and gaze into the distance knowing all will be better and nothing will be worse.  but looking inside i cannot say that with any certainty because i am not god.  the midnight breeze brings goose pimples to my naked skin.


poetry reading

poetry reading poetry reading. what do i say what do i think about the crowd. like mellifluous aluminum they shine back at me what i shine at them.  it is not about big words or capitals or complex ideas but smiles inside and heaven suffocating hell like jesus bent the cross.

poetry reading poetry reading you make me oh so nervous like a midget playing basketball or love taking a holiday into the darkness of black fists. poetry reading poetry reading you want to make me vomit. i want to be liked by everyone but somehow i don’t think that will ever happen.  

poetry reading poetry reading look to the end the where struggle is no more and the words on the page get less important with each moment as they get more important.

poetry reading dressed in red.

Radomir Vojtech Luza Poet at Moonday Poetry

© 2010 Radomir Vojtech Luza

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