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Richard Weekley was born in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1945.  In 1999 he was named a Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year for the William S. Hart Union High School District.  He retired in June 2007 and is the co-publisher of Los Angeles Poets’ Press and host of the annual Fall Poetry Festival in Newhall, California.  In June 2010 the New York City publisher, World Audience, Inc. released his thirteen book titled Already There, (under his pen name Zen Nam). Prominent poet Jane Hirshfield described Already There this way: "As clear-seeing as a dustless mirror angled into a school of sun fish, the tiny poems of this book carry a multitude of reflections bright as mica, consummately free in spirit, and in equal measure comic and profound."     

Already There by Richard Weekley

To See Everything Just As Atoms

Not as pillow and bed:

To see everything just as atoms:

The sky,

A knife,

A kiss,

A stone.

To see everything just as atoms

All wearing their ephemeral Buddha nature:

The butterfly wing,

The bicycle wheel


Sonata #5.

from  Already There

The Golden Dust Motes Are Drifting 

In the morning sunlight

Looking like space ships

As they zip through destiny

To some other moment.


Zen plays with them:

A puff of breath

Changes their future;

A tiny whisper causes a zag

Even when unseen.

They drift in majestic silence

 Feeling, like us, gravity, eternity, and

Unspoken love.

from  Already There

How To Make A Gnat

Surely the gnat is one of the least significant creatures.

Surely Zen Nam could figure out something that simple.
- -

Zen wanted something to decorate the morning

With golden sunlit


Where would he start?

(They are so tiny).



How would he program it to defy all logic

And go all random and whirligig

With its brother and sister gnats

In an ecstatic cloud of micro-dancers?

Where to start?

from  Already There

Richard Weekley - poet at Moonday Poetry

© 2010 Richard Weekley

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